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TransLess Technology –
the revolution in translation

Our exclusive TransLess Technology solutions help MedTech and pharmaceutical companies reduce their translation costs by up to 90% while at the same time achieving maximum quality and significantly reduced turnaround times. 
To find out how we make this possible, read on.

Maximum quality

Total corporate quality management from the first to the last word.

Minimised costs

Translation volumes are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Faster time to market

Shorter production cycle thanks to reduced volume and review effort.

Always within budget

No additional costs.
All of our services for just a fraction of your savings


Expertise and intellectual property remain within your organisation.


You get greater flexibility when it comes to choosing cooperation partners.

Four reasons
to choose alfaloc


Our technology solutions go beyond the standard. They are the key to an effective and cost-efficient translation process.


Reliable quality can only be achieved with an integrated concept. alfaloc offers you this concept at no additional cost.


We help you set up and maintain your language data, but it remains your property.
This gives you flexibility when choosing a service provider.

A strong team

With more than 15 years of experience in corporate language processes, we are a competent and reliable partner.

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