New corporate process

Do you want to restructure your translation process and need a partner who can help you optimise your workflows??

alfaloc language technology offers comprehensive advice and innovative technology solutions to optimise your project and quality management and reduce your use of resources to a minimum.

Existing corporate process

Are you already using an implemented process, but would like more control over the quality and costs of your translations? 

Our solutions can easily be integrated into your existing process. They guarantee a significant reduction in your translation workload while at the same time offering complete quality control. 

What is the advantage of alfaloc processes?

Depending on the type of document, we can achieve cost savings of up to 90%. The highest savings are achieved for repetitive content with a high reuse rate. 

How are such savings possible?

Thanks to the database-supported TransLess Technology developed by alfaloc, content for translation is made granular and compressed. Repetitions, numbers, formulas and segments that are not relevant for translation are excluded.

What does it cost?

The use of alfaloc solutions involves no additional costs for you. The costs are calculated as a small percentage of the savings that you make. This gives you greater scope with your existing budget.

What added value does alfaloc offer?

As part of our service to you, we generate your corporate translation memory and corporate terminology from the approved content free of charge. Both remain in your organisation as your intellectual property, and form the basis for significant savings and reliable quality assurance. 

What kind of
dependencies does this
involve for my business?

alfaloc processes can be integrated completely flexibly – with no contractual obligations or licenses. You decide on the scope and duration of our collaboration.

Our solution for your business

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Benefits of alfaloc solutions

More flexibility for your content

Content is frequently used across multiple departments. Product names, terminology and standard wording must be consistent in all media to ensure a uniform corporate identity.

alfaloc solutions support this requirement because they work independently of format and platform. Content in any format can be prepared for translation with our TransLess Technology and used flexibly and consistently in all areas of your business. 

The key component is the central corporate translation memory in conjunction with the corporate terminology, which we create from your approved content as an integral part of our process. Both can be used horizontally in all areas of your business.
At the same time, it is possible to generate dedicated translation memories at vertical level, which contain differences that only apply to specific areas of your business.

With alfaloc solutions, you decide how you want your content to be structured and you have full control over its quality and use.





Desktop publishing in the alfaloc process

Our process requires desktop publishing by alfaloc in order to correctly convert the texts, which were segmented before translation, back to their original layout. 
DTP is necessary after translation in any case, since almost all target languages run either longer or shorter than the original text. The layout of the target-language documents must be adapted in order to achieve the same page structure and the same number of pages as in the source-language master.

At alfaloc, we offer binding, attractive per-page prices for our DTP services.
Most service providers calculate DTP effort on an hourly basis, which means that before starting a project, customers have no idea what costs they will ultimately incur.
Because the alfaloc service is based on per-page prices, the total effort can be precisely calculated in the offer phase of a project, protecting our customers from unexpected additional costs.

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