Corporate Terminology

How would you like to have your own dictionary containing all of your specific terminology?

The creation of systematic corporate terminology is an option that has to date only been used very rarely. Terminology work is not an integral part of translation projects, and is commissioned separately with its own budget. It is often used more as a tool to improve the consistency of translations, especially when several translators are working on a large project at the same time. 
Businesses that opt for this step have to invest a significant amount of time and money, as there is no automated, integrated development process for it. 

Until now, terminology work was largely carried out intuitively. Recurring terms were identified by a translator and recorded in a glossary. 
But when is a term relevant? Who decides when a term should be added to the corporate terminology? Who is responsible for its definition and approval?

alfaloc offers an integrated, technology-based terminology process that is carried out in parallel with every translation project. This process does not define terms on the basis of how frequently they occur in a text. Even terms that are only used once may be important technical terms that should be included in your corporate terminology. 

In addition, algorithms determine not only individual terms, but also phrases that are relevant for translation and therefore worthy of being saved. This also applies, for example, to product names that are to be used consistently across all languages. Longer phrases can also be added to the corporate TM as segments and thus locked during preparation of the translation files. In other words, they are not included in the calculation of the translation volume. 

This terminology creation process is also part of our service and is therefore already included in the budget, which means that our customers do not incur any additional costs.



Collaborative terminology work

With the alfaloc terminology process, our customers always have the last word.
We don’t decide how to define and translate your terminology, because nobody knows your products better than you. You therefore retain control of your corporate terminology at all times and can update it quickly and consistently if changes or adjustments are required.

How the process works

At the beginning of every translation project, we generate a list of the terms and phrases to be defined. These are validated and defined by our customers.
A short lead time is required in the case of first-time projects – if no terminology work has been done beforehand. From the first update project onwards, lists of new terms are generally shorter and require no additional validation time to be included in the project schedule. The effort involved is usually fully compensated for by the reduced translation volume and the resulting reduction in processing time.

The benefit you gain from including this step prior to translation is many times greater than the time it takes. By defining and approving your corporate terminology, you gain a valuable quality assurance tool, because this binding glossary facilitates a reliable review of all translations. You can also create complete content quality reports that identify and list deviations from your corporate language at segment level – right down to the smallest typing error. 

Sample sentences are exported for each identified term in order to facilitate its definition and, if necessary, to allow translation variants depending on the context. All validated terms are imported into a database in Wiki format, which is expanded with each new project. This guarantees access to your corporate terminology across your entire organisation and at the same time offers employees the opportunity to comment and exchange information with other departments. 

The corporate terminology is made available to language service providers involved as a termbase. It supports translators in their work and ensures the consistent use of your specific terminology. However, language service providers are not authorised to edit the terms. As the owner of the corporate terminology only you can do this, thus ensuring the quality of your language data in the long term. 

alfaloc service for our customers

Secure terminology hosting

As part of our service, we offer our customers the option of hosting of their corporate terminology using the secure cloud solution Microsoft Azure.  The costs for this are already included in our project-based fee calculated on the basis of your savings.
We store your corporate terminology in a password-protected area of the secure cloud and update it after each completed project. In this way, we ensure that you only work with the most up-to-date, approved data.

The benefits for you

You work free of restrictions: no IT permissions, no software installation and no additional budget. Instead, you get complete data security and 24/7 access from anywhere worldwide.

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