Translation memories form the basis for the effective and consistent creation and reuse of your multilingual content. 
All text modules are saved as format-neutral language pairs. Each source segment is assigned precisely one unique target segment. This is to prevent the creation of multiple translations for a given text module, which could result in inconsistencies in the corporate language.
At the same time, the reuse of existing content reduces the cost of new translation projects.

Translation memories are valuable assets

Inconsistencies in translation memories

In practice, multiple translators usually work with a shared translation memory that is managed by the translation service provider. Different translations for one and the same text module can find their way into the translation memory. 
This leads to inconsistencies within the translation memory and therefore a loss of quality. Instead of getting exact matches for recurring texts and thus saving on translation costs, a large number of fuzzy matches are produced, which have to be checked and selected individually and therefore add an unnecessary cost to your translation budget.

The corporate translation memories that we create remain with our customers. You decide for yourself who has access to your corporate TM and how – for example via central server hosting for use by multiple departments in your organisation.
For every job, your service providers receive a project TM prepared by alfaloc containing only the segments that are relevant.
After every job, we provide you with an updated version of your corporate TM including the new approved content.

Corporate translation memories for greater control and quality

Corporate TMs give you flexibility and reduce costs

Thanks to their modular, format-free structure, corporate TMs can be used in all departments of your organisation in which multilingual content is generated. They ensure consistent compliance with your corporate identity and, thanks to the high reuse rate, reduce your translation costs to a minimum.
At the same time, you retain absolute flexibility with regard to any necessary updates, which can be identified and updated in your corporate TM in the shortest possible time using alfaloc technology. 
Department-specific TMs with their own content can also be easily generated at any time if required.


Industry standard translation memories and corporate TMs from alfaloc

With a language service provider, the process of creating a translation memory usually begins with the processing of the first document to be translated. The TM volume slowly increases from project to project. Processed text segments are saved together with the corresponding layout information.

After each completed project, the corporate TM is only updated with the final, approved content, in which all changes from the review have already been incorporated. Duplicates or changes requested by the customer can easily be identified and corrected at any point in time – even retroactively.


The translation memory only contains the first version of the translation (raw content) provided by the translator. There is no management of the TM in this case, i.e. duplicates and translation variants are retained. 
In addition, changes made to target-language documents in the course of the review are usually not incorporated. Subsequent update projects are thus repeatedly filled with raw content, which means that the same errors are identified and corrected again and again during the review step, significantly increasing the amount of time required..

After each completed project, the corporate TM is only updated with the final, approved content, in which all changes from the review have already been incorporated. Duplicates or changes requested by the customer can easily be identified and corrected at any point in time – even retroactively.


Since they contain duplicates and formatted segments, translation memories from language service providers achieve significantly lower matching rates. 
When the existing content is reused, numerous fuzzy matches are identified, which are repeatedly included in the word count and are billed proportionately each time. These fuzzy matches also create additional review effort in every project.

Since all text segments are saved unformatted in the corporate TM, they achieve the highest possible reuse rate in update projects. Because duplicates are recognised and eliminated more quickly in advance, you don’t end up with different translations for the same source content. Fuzzy matches therefore rarely occur. 
If our customers explicitly request certain translation variants (e.g. product-related), these are documented in accordance with the process.


Savings in update projects are relatively small, as more new translations are required due to the limited matching rate. Even a small percentage of 100% matches will be billed again, as they are not locked in the translation files. 
This means that in every project, customers are also paying for segments that have already been translated in previous projects but not corrected in TM after finalisation.

The entire alfaloc process is designed to reduce the translation volume to a minimum. 
Since we only use approved content for update projects, the costs for new translations and reviews are massively reduced. All matches are locked in the translation files and are not included in the word count. In addition, 100% matches and repetitions are not included in our word count, and even the number of fuzzy matches is minimal. 
Our customers only pay for new content and only pay for it once – when it is used for the first time. 

alfaloc service for our customers

Secure TM hosting

As part of our service, we offer our customers the option of hosting of their corporate translation memories using the secure cloud solution Microsoft Azure.  The costs for this are already included in our project-based fee calculated on the basis of your savings.
We store your corporate translation memory for you in a password-protected area and update it after each completed project. In this way, we ensure that you only work with the most up-to-date, approved data.

The benefits for you

You work free of restrictions: no IT permissions, no software installation and no additional budget. Instead, you get complete data security and 24/7 access from anywhere worldwide.

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