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The return on investment for your translations is measured using a number of factors. They include the reuse rate of existing content and, above all, the shortening of production times. This guarantees acceleration of your time to market and therefore faster revenue generation. 

The innovative TransLess Technology solutions from alfaloc help you shorten your time to market on the one hand by minimising your translation volume, thereby also reducing the time required for the translation work itself.
On the other hand, the creation of corporate translation memories and corporate terminology as well as their review in translation quality reports contribute to a significant increase in quality, which in turn significantly reduces your review and correction effort.
Both of these factors together enable you to produce significantly more high-quality content in a shorter time.  

The time and cost savings also give you more flexibility in vendor management, as reduced budget pressure means that you can purchase higher-quality translation services and realise them with less time pressure.

Minimise costs. Optimise quality. Gain time and flexibility. With TransLess from alfaloc.

Sample calculation for update document

Translation costs before (100%):

Translation costs after (10%):

Translation savings with alfaloc (90%):

Less fee for alfaloc
(33% of cost savings):

Net saving for our customer:

12,000 €

1,200 €

10,800 €

– 3,560 €

7,240 €

This sample calculation shows the savings potential in a single project. In fact, with TransLess, the savings multiply as the number of updates and target languages increases.

translation costs without alfaloc (100%)

alfaloc offers more

TransLess doesn’t just reduce your translation costs.
Every job – and our fee – also includes:

Creation and maintenance of your corporate translation memory including hosting 

Creation and maintenance of your corporate terminology including hosting 

Content quality reports to support quality assurance and vendor management

Desktop publishing of target-language files

Relationship between translation costs and approved content

TransLess solutions from alfaloc generate two opposing trends.
While the quality of content approved by the customer rises continuously to 100% as the number of update projects grows, translation costs and time required decrease rapidly until they level off at the optimum savings value (in this case 10%).

TransLess savings potential by document type

70 -90%

Labelling &
Instructions For Use

Updates for these types of texts have a lot of repetitive content and therefore achieve extremely high savings rates of up to 90%.

30 -70%

Regulatory &
Surgical Techniques

There are significant fluctuations in reuse rates for the content of these types of documents, and the savings therefore vary accordingly.

10 -30%

Legal &

Legal and marketing texts contain the least amount of repetitive content. However, with TransLess it is still possible to achieve savings of up to 30%. 

With TransLess Technology, alfaloc customers benefit in three ways

alfaloc customers gain complete control over the quality of their language data.
All content, including terminology, is approved by the customer themselves before being saved and reused as a binding reference.

alfaloc customers get back their intellectual property.
The latest corporate translation memories and terminology are available at all times via the alfaloc hosting service and remain your property. 

alfaloc customers gain absolute independence and flexibility.
We operate strictly on a project basis. Our customers can carry out projects again using their previous workflow at any time if they wish – but without the benefits offered by alfaloc. 

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